Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's Busines Time

I realize now that doing business is very much like the mating rituals that we do.

Please keep in mind that in writing this I do not mean to profess any proficiency or even adequacy as a salesman or as a cocksman. This is just, I suppose, what I have seen work. In business and with the beautiful babies.

You have to start off by projecting that the deal (or the sweet, sweet vajee) is the farthest thing from your mind. It's "Tao of Steve;" that bit about how when he's hanging out with a woman, he's just hanging out. If there is business (of either variety) to be done, they're going to have to meet you at least half way. Because, after all, you don't need them. You can walk out the door, nothing having transpired, and be completely even keel.

You can't be in a rush to be finished. No one likes to be hurried; it tends to sour things. Give the other person the spotlight for at least their share of the time.

The less you have to talk, the better. Ask questions that project genuine interest and demonstrate that you have, in fact, been listening. It's all about them. Keep them talking.

That, or never stop talking.

Regardless, say everything with conviction.

Eye contact is everything.

Make them buy every inch they get.